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Section 3 - School Administration

​3​.0       School Bullying, Harassment, or Discriminatio​n Complaint Procedure (under review)
3.0.1​    School and Student Conduct Expectations (under review)​​
​3.0.2    Addressing Student Behaviour
​3.0.3    Sensory and Calming Rooms​
​3.1.1   ​ Student Registration​​
​3.1.2    Cross Boundary School Application Process
​3.1.3    School of Choice Application
​3.1.4    International Student Enrollment
​3.1.5    Residency in British Columbia
​3.1.6    New Schools of Choice and Programs of Choice
​3.2.1    Anaphylaxis Procedure
             Anaphylaxis Student Information Form
             Anaphylaxis Student Emergency Procedure
             Anaphylaxis​ Management Plan
​3.3.1    Police Interviews of Students
​3.4.1    Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 
​​3.5.1    Physical Restraint and Seclusion 
             Physical Restraint and Seclusion​ Report Form
​3.6.1    Volunteers in Schools
             Volunteer Application Form
             Volunteer Driver Form 
​3.7.1    Weighted Vests and Blankets
             Weighted Vest or Blanket Protocol
​3.8.1    Administering Medication
             Request for Administration of Medication at School Form
             School Log for Administration of Medication to Students
​3.9.1   Student Clothing Guidelines (new and pending review)