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Section 3 - School Administration


3.0.1​    School and Student Conduct
​3.0.2    Safe, Caring, and Respectful Schools​
​3.0.3    Sensory and Calming Rooms​
​3.1.1   β€‹ Student Registration​​
             Student Registration Form
3.1.1a  Photo, Video, and Media Consent Form​​​
​3.1.2    Cross Boundary School Application Process
             Cross Boundary Application Form​
​3.1.3    School of Choice Application
​3.1.4    New Schools of Choice and Programs of Choice
​3.1.5    Residency in British Columbia
​3.1.6    International Student Enrollment​
​3.1.7    Home Schooling
             Home Schooling Registration Form​
​​3.1.8    Strong Start Registration Form​
​3.2.1    Field Trips 
             Field Trip Cost
             Field Trip Guidelines and Regulations
             Offsite Activity Consent Form/ Field Trip Application Form
             Field Trip Application Extended or International Travel
             Field Trip Application Extended or International Travel_Fillable​​​​
​3.3.1    Animals in Schools
​3.4.1    Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 
​​             Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Form (Fillable)​
​​3.5.1    Physical Restraint and Seclusion 
             Physical Restraint and Seclusion​ Report Form​
​3.6.1    Volunteers in Schools​​
             Volunteer Application Form​
             Volunteer Driver Form β€‹β€‹
​3.7.1    Student Fees
​3.8.1    Temporary School or Classroom Closure​​
​3.9.1    Student Clothing Guidelines​ (new and pending review)​
​3.10.1  Commercial Activity in Schools by Outside Agencies
​3.11.1   Police Interviews of Students​
​3.12.1   Provision of Personal Care for Students
​3.13.1   Weighted Vests and Blankets
              Weighted Vests and Blankets Protocol/ Form​
​3.14.1   Administering Medication
              Request for Administration of Medication at School Form​
              School Log for Administration of Medication to Students​​​
3.14.2   Anaphylaxis Procedure​​​
​              Anaphylaxis Management Plan​
              Anaphylactic Student Emergency Plan Form​ (to be completed by parent and physician)​
              Anaphylaxis Responsibility Checklist​
​3.15.1   Student Specific AED
​3.16.1   Food and Nutrition
​3.17.1   School Parent Advisory Council
​3.18.1   Copyright Act and Canopy License
​3.19.1   Staff Transporting Students in Personal Vehicles
              Journey Management Checklist - Pre Trip Inspection and Log​
              Staff Driver Application Form
              Employee Business Auto Insurance Reimbursement (see Section 6 - Finance AP 6.2.1)
              Mileage Record Form​ (see Section 6 - Finance AP 6.2.1)​
​3.20.1  Personal Professional Material​
​3.21.1  Missing Student
             Flight Risk Safety Plan Template​