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About Us

​​​​​​​Éy kw’s ami lí te Stó:lō temexw
Welcome to Mission Public Schools! We are honoured to work and learn within the Traditional, Ancestral, Unsurrendered, and Shared territories of Stó:lō people, of Leq'á:mel, Semá:th, Máthxwi, Sq'éwlets, and Qwó:ltl'el First Nations, stewards of this land since time immemorial. ​

Halq'eméylem is the language of this land and of Stó:lō ancestors. The place from where Halq'eméylem (Upriver dialect) originates is Leq'á:mel. The language comes from the land, and it has been this way since time immemorial.

​      Leq’á:mel Firs​​t Nation 
Semá:th  First Nation  ​
Máthxwi First Nation​​
 Sq’éwlets First N​ation
    ​​Qwó:ltl’el​​ First Nation      

We, as members of the Mission Public Schools community, embrace our commitments to strengthening partnerships and relationships with all First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities. 

Mission Public Schools is home to:

13 elementary schools (K-6)
2 Middle Schools (7-9)
1 Secondary School (10-12)
1 Alternative Learning Centre
1 Home and Virtual Learning Centre
1 Trades, career, and continuing education College

Mission Public Schools (School District No.75) is located about 75km east of Vancouver, and covers the area of the Fraser Valley north of the river from the community of Silverdale in the west, to Deroche and Lake Errock in the east.  The District serves over 6500 students and has a staff of over 1000.  We are proud to offer a wide variety of programming for students, including French Immersion, Arts Integration, Halq'emeylem language instruction, AP Courses, and an extensive array of elective courses at the secondary level.