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A Parent's Guide to Assessment & Reporting 2023-24


In 2016 the Ministry of Education and Child Care began implementing a redesigned provincial curriculum that is flexible, focuses on literacy, numeracy, and the First Peoples Principles of Learning, and supports deeper learning through concept-based and competency-driven education. This educational shift to how and what students learn in the classroom requires a corresponding change to student reporting policies and practices. 

The new curriculum has been in place in all grades since 2019, but report cards and the way student learning is communicated haven't really changed for decades. Report cards are now changing to align with the curriculum and to help ensure that every student in the province is set up for success in their learning.

The learning students do today is more complex than ever. British Columbia redesigned the provincial curriculum to respond to the needs of today's learners. The curriculum continues to give your child a strong foundation in reading, writing, and math. But it also teaches your child how to think, communicate, solve problems, and use their knowledge in ways that both matter in school and will matter in a rapidly changing future.​

The changes to assessment and reporting will take effect for all classrooms in the 2023-24 school year.  Many classrooms in Mission have been piloting these changes already.  The links below provide some important information so you know what to expect.