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Mission Public Schools
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Student Services

Special Education

Mission Public Schools is committed to providing an educational program for all school-age students in the district and recognizes that many students have special learning needs. The Board is also committed to equitable access to educational programs for all students and believes in the inclusion of all learners. Accordingly, all students will be offered opportunities appropriate to their individual needs, consistent with the Ministry of Education’s Policy, Procedures and Guidelines for Special Education.

Provincial Goals

  • Intellectual Development
  • Human and Social Development
  • Career Development

Do You Need Help to Get Started?

Classroom Teachers, Learning Support Teachers and Principals may be able to provide solutions to most problems, without the need for further referral. When problems are more complex, the school may suggest a referral to Student Services.

Assessments help educators and parents determine a student’s needs.

School-based Assessment includes:
  • Academic assessment
  • Assessment of personal and social responsibility.

District Assessments include:
  • Psycho-educational assessment
  • Behavioural assessment
  • Hearing Screening
  • Physio/occupational or special services assessment
  • English as a Second Language assessment
  • Speech and Language assessment

Individual Education Plan

Once a student is identified as meeting the criteria for special needs, teachers, parents and other caregivers come together to develop an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) An I.E.P. outlines what parents, students, and others can expect regarding a specific student’s educational program. An I.E.P. contains:

  • Goals: what we want to accomplish.
  • Objectives: steps along the way to the goals.
  • Methods: how we will get results.
  • Evaluation: how will we know that we achieved the goals?