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Section 4 - Students and Instruction


​​4.0       Network, Internet and Wi-Fi Access for Students
             Network, Internet and Wi-Fi Agreement Form​
             Network, Internet and Wi-Fi Agreement Form for Adult Students​​
​4.1.1    Selection of Resource Materials
​             Learning Resource Evaluation Form
             Consent Form for Films​
​4.1.2    Challenge of Learning Resource Materials  
             Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources Form​​
​4.1.3    Challenge and Equivalency​
​4.1.4    Communication Books
​4.2.1    Reduced or Partial Day Schedules​
​​4.2.2    Student Attendance during Bus Cancellation
​4.3.1    Board Authority/ Authorized Course Adoption Curriculum and Locally Developed Course Adoption
             BAA Template MPSD
             BAA Requirements, updated 2023​​
​4.4.1    Indigenous Students​
​4.5.1    Assessment, Evaluation, and Student Reporting (update in progress)​
​4.5.2    TBD
​4.6.1    Inclusive Education​
4.7.1   Cooke Awards Selection Criteria
​4.8.1   Graduation Ceremonies
​4.9.1   School Completion Certificates​
​4.10.1  Student Promotion and Placement
​4.11.1  French Immersion Program
​4.12.1  Alternate Delivery/ Transition Programs
​4.13.1  Post-Secondary Trade/ Career Programs​