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Section 2 - District Administration


​2.1.1     Records Management and Archives
​2.1.2     Student Records
​2.2.1     TBD
​2.3.1     Flag Protocols​
​2.4.1     Collection of Personal Information 
2.4.2     Safeguarding Personal and Confidential Information
2.4.3     Requesting Access to Information​
              Forms:  2.4.3 Request for Access to Records - Employees (Fillable Form).pdf
                            2.4.3 Request for Access to Records - General (Fillable Form).pdf
                            2.4.3 Request for Access to Records - Student_Parents (Fillable form).pdf
                            2.4.3 Request for Access to Records - Volunteers (Fillable form).pdf​​​​
2.4.4     Privacy Impact Assessment​
              Privacy Impact Assessment General Form
              Privacy Impact Assessment Education Apps​​
2.4.5     Information Sharing Agreements (in development)
2.4.6     Privacy Breach Management
              Form: 2.4.6 Privacy Breach MPSD Checklist Fillable Form.pdf​​
2.4.7     Privacy Complaints​
​2.5.1     District Parent Advisory Council    
​2.6.1     Public Interest Disclosure
​2.7.1     Alcohol Consumption at School District Activities​
2.7.2     Heritage Park Centre - Community Alcohol Serving Procedure
             Serve Alcohol Form 
​2.8.       Employee Use of School Fitness Equipment Gyms - RESCINDED
              Self Assessment Form (PAR Q) - RESCINDED
              Release Waiver Form (PAR Q) - RESCINDED
              Employee Use of Fi​tness Equipment Orientation Checklist/ Form - RESCINDED​​​             
​2.9.1     Tobacco-Free Environment​