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Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Access to Information and Protection or Privacy and Personal Information

The Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) sets out the privacy rights of individuals as they relate to the public sector. The School District is required to comply with this legislation and must protect the personal information in its custody and/or control from unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, and disposal. Examples of personal information include name, email, address, photos, health information, student records, personal opinions, and more.

The right to access information in the custody and control of the School District is also governed by the legislation.  If information about the business and activities of the School District is not publicly available, a "Request for Information" must be submitted to the FIPPA Officer (Secretary Treasurer) via the Request for Access to Records Form. For more information, please review the district policy for Access to Information and Protection of Privacy and Personal Information.

Records Available to the Public without a Request

Consistent with its obligations under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (‚ÄúFIPPA‚ÄĚ), the School District supports openness and transparency with its stakeholders and members of the community. The following categories of records have been established by the School District under section 71(1) of the FIPPA as appropriate for disclosure to the public without the need to file an access request. 

‚ÄčNature of Information
‚ÄčTargete Release Date
‚ÄčIndigenous Education Agreements
‚ÄčEnhancement Agreements, Equity Scans
‚ÄčFollowing ratification
‚ÄčBoard of Education - Bylaws
‚ÄčCollection of bylaws applicable to the School District
‚ÄčFollowing ratification
‚ÄčBoard of Education - Policies
‚ÄčPolicies developed by the Board
‚ÄčFollowing ratification
‚ÄčAdministrative Procedures
‚ÄčCurrent operating procedures
‚ÄčFollowing administrative approval
‚ÄčPublic Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Materials
‚ÄčMaterials related to Public Board meetings
‚ÄčWithin 60 days
‚ÄčSchool District Calendars
‚ÄčAnnual school calendars developed by the School District and individual schools
‚ÄčFollowing ratification
‚ÄčStrategic Plan
‚ÄčAnnual strategic plan
‚ÄčWithin 30 business days of completion
‚ÄčCOVID-19 Safety Plans
‚ÄčCOVID-19 related plans and documents for schools and School District facilities
‚ÄčImmediately following ratification
‚ÄčAnnual Report
‚ÄčAnnual report with audited financial statements
‚ÄčOn or before December 30 of each year
‚ÄčStatement of Financial Information
‚ÄčInformation prepared under the Financial Information Act
‚ÄčUpon filing
‚ÄčAmended Budget
‚ÄčInformation prepared under the School Act
‚ÄčOn or before February 28 of each year
‚ÄčFinancial Statements
‚ÄčMinistry of Education requirement
‚ÄčOn or before September 30 of each year
‚ÄčPublic Sector Executive Compensation

‚ÄčExecutive and exempt staff compensation disclosure report
‚ÄčUpon filing
‚ÄčQuarterly Report
‚ÄčQuarterly summary of SD activities.
‚ÄčQuarterly throughout the school year
‚ÄčAnnual Budget
‚ÄčAs described
‚ÄčOn or before June 30 each school year
‚ÄčLibrary Catalogue
‚ÄčListing of library collections
‚ÄčWithin 30 days of amendment