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Meeting Highlights 2023/2024


​​Board Meeting Highlights | January 23, 2024

Riverside College Presentation

Riverside students presented their highlights about Riverside College​ programs. 
Click here to access Application of Interest ​

English Language Learners (ELL) Department Review

​​A brief update about ELL department was provided. (Agenda p. 4-5)

International Department Review

​The Manager of International Education provided a presentation about the department's activities to date. (Agenda p. 6 - 45​)

Indigenous Department Review

The Principal of Indigenous Education provided a presentation about the Department's operations. (Agenda p. 46-86​)​

Motion to Amend Board Meeting Procedures Policy 1.4

The Board of Education DEFEATED the Motion to amend Policy 1.4 Board Meeting Procedures Section 3.3  by inserting the italicized language after the second sentence.
Any individual Trustee may bring an action or motion to be placed on the agenda as a right of said Trustee, to be voted on during the meeting.

Closed Meeting Agenda Items

The Board of Education DEFEATED the Motion that only items that fall under Land, Legal, or Personnel be placed on closed meeting agendas. As per existing Policy 1.4 Board Meeting Procedures, clause​, sometimes, conversations that could potentially harm the school district can also be discussed in a closed meeting setting. 

Board Agreement Signing

The Board of Education DEFEATED the Motion for all signatures on behalf of the Board of Education to be signed by the Chair or Vice Chair as approved by the Board for any governance documents, agreements or legalities. Any other person signing on behalf of the Board must have prior approval by motion passed by the Board.​ Most operating agreements for the district are signed by senior staff. If all signatures were to be approved by the Board, the overall operation of the district would be slowed down. 

Indigenous Knowledge Keeper

The Board of Education RESOLVED THAT the Board and staff, in consultation with the traditional territory Rights Holders we as a district occupy, engage in the feasibility of having a Knowledge Keeper for the school district.​

Purchasing and Procurement Policy

The Board of Education RESOLVED THAT the Draft Purchasing and Procurement Policy 6.3 be approved in principle, circulated to Budget Managers, Principals, Partner Groups, Indigenous Communities, and the Public for further comments, and then returned to the Board for final approval.​
Visit Engage MPSD by clicking here to Review the Policy and PROVIDE FEEDBACK. 

Auditor Appointment Fiscal Year Ending June 2024

The Board of Education RESOLVED THAT KPMG LLP be appointed as external auditor for the School District’s Financial Statement Audit for the year ending June 30, 2024.​

2023-24 Amended Budget Bylaw

The 2023-24 Amended Budget Bylaw was read 3 times as required and APPROVED. Links to the the documents:

Liaison Report Format

The Board discussed the format of reporting to the public to provide relevant information that would benefit the district. 

Information: Distinctions Based Approach

​Distinctions-Based Approach Primer | December 2023

​A proper understanding and application of a distinctions-based approach is necessary for the provincial
government, and is of particular importance for those public servants who are involved in decisions regarding
the Province’s relations with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit in British Columbia.​ 

​The term “Indian” was drawn from the federal Indian Act and is now used primarily in that statutory context. The term “First Nation” is now commonly used to describe the preexisting Indigenous Peoples who are distinct from Inuit and Métis. The term “aboriginal peoples” is used in the Constitution Act, 1982 to collectively refer to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples and, therefore, has been used in common law (court decisions) to date. The term “Indigenous” has now replaced the term “aboriginal” as the generally accepted term to collectively refer to First Nations, Inuit,
and Métis Peoples. This term should be used intentionally and should not be confused with the term “First Nation,” pursuant to the distinctions expressed in this document.

​Each ministry and agency across the Province must apply a distinctions-based approach in the development
and implementation of its policies, legislation, programs, operations, and funding initiatives, and in its
engagement and relationships with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit. This work must be done in a manner that
reflects a distinctions-based approach and correctly identifies and engages the appropriate rights-holders.
The Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, with support from other ministries and working with
First Nations and Indigenous organizations, will continue to provide guidance regarding a distinctions-based
approach, and strategic advice for implementation of a distinctions-based approach across government.​

​​Board Meeting Highlights | December 19, 2023

​​​The Board of Education would like to express thanks to École Mission Central Elementary for hosting the meeting, and to MSS Culinary staff & student crew for providing a delicious meal. ​​
Principal Merry shared 3 videos of MCE students singing and spreading the holiday cheer to the Cedars Assisted Living residents earlier this month. Good job! The Board enjoyed and appreciated the performance very much. 

Strategic Plan 2023-2026

The Board of Education has approved the new Strategic Plan​ to guide the work of the Board and District Staff for the next 4 years. 

We would like to thank all the people reviewing our Strategic Plan project on EngageMPSD, via email, and for providing feedback.  We have shared a page with stats for the project on the EngageMPSD portal as well. 

HMS Rebranding and update

Hatzic Middle School​ has become the home of the Hawks. HMS staff and students will be working to create a logo in the new year.
*As of November 10, 2023, for easier access to the school, Hatzic Middle School address has been updated to:
34875 Moffat Avenue, Mission BC V2V 6S1  ​

Notices of Motion

​​Three Motions from Trustee Cairns will be considered for approval in January 2024.​

Trustee Liaison and Committee Appointments

The Board of Education has approved the following changes to the Liaison Appoinments​ following Trustee Cairns' resignation from the liaison appointments to Siwal Si’wes Indigenous Education Council, the Indigenous Liaison, and the alternate Liaison to the Trades Training Advisory Committee.​
  1. ​​Trustee Shelley Carter as the alternate Liaison to the Indigenous Education Advisory Council (Siwal Si’wes)
  2. Trustee Shelley Carter as the Indigenous Liaison
  3. Trustee RandyCairns as the alternate Liaison to the Mission Community Wellness Committee
  4. Trustee Jash Bains as the Alternate to the Trades Training Advisory Committee

International Field Trip Application - London and Paris 2025

Mission Senior Secondary School's application for the  international field trip to London, England and Paris, France, during the spring break in
March 2025 for approximately 36 students in Grades 11 and 12, was approved.​

International Field Trip Application - Australia 2025

Mission Senior Secondary School's application for the  international field trip to Sydney and Cairns, Australia, during the spring break in
March 2025 for approximately 24 students ​in Grades 11 and 12, was approved, pending review by the Director of Finance.​​

MSS Night School

The Board of Education approved a resolution THAT the School District offer to both high school and adult students of Mission a Night School program from January to June 2024, through Mission On-Line; AND THAT staff are to report back to the Board in May 2024 regarding the financial and educational viability of offering the night school program again in 2024/2025.​
                 Click here for Program Information​
                 Enrolment Form: 5 Mission Online Evening Session Work n Learn.pdf

Public Interest Disclosure Policy Amendments

The Public Interest Disclosure Policy 2.6​ and the corresponding Public Interest Disclosure Procedure 2.6.1 amendments were approved, as the province has provided additional legislation to remove Trustees from being subject to the policy.​ 

​​Board Meeting Highlights | November 21, 2023

​​The Board of Education would like to express thanks to Hatzic Middle School for hosting the meeting, and to MSS Culinary staff & student crew for providing a delicious meal. ​

City of Mission, Arts & Culture Department Delegation

The Manager of Arts & Culture​ noted a new Arts & Culture master plan development and inquired about collaboration and partnering with Mission Public Schools to engage youth and the community. 

Updated ADST Cart Resolution, Trades Training Advisory Committee

The Board approved the amended recommendation by the TTAC, to pilot the ADST carts in a few elementary schools this school year, 2023-2024. Silverdale Elementary and Albert McMahon Elementary showed interest in the program. 

Environmental Technician Course 

The Board continued the conversation with Staff about the possibility of offering a micro-course at Riverside College. Leq’á:mel First Nation and VIU are currently running a similar program. Riverside has no classroom or storage available. Having only a 5-week course may not work with our school calendar. 

Amended Capital Plan Submission - Buses

The Board approved a resolution THAT the 2024/2025 Minor Capital Project Funding request be amended to include four replacement buses and two new buses totalling $1,347,282 and be resubmitted to the Ministry of Education for consideration of funding in 2024-2025. The amendment comes after a request for an additional 78 bus spaces.

Bus Driver Shortage​

This year, Education Assistants and Bus drivers are in a shortage. We have not needed to cancel a route yet; however, the manager of transportation had to drive a bus on numerous occasions. It will likely be an ongoing issue.  The District is still looking to hire additional bus drivers. Click here for more info. 

Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

The Board approved the 2022-2023 Statement of Financial Information, which includes a report on compensation of employees beyond $75,000/year.

Trades Training Advisory Committee Recommendation

The Board approved an amended recommendation for the school district to complete a District Inventory of useable spaces for trades programs.​  

Amendment to Policy 1.4

An amendment to Policy 1.4 Board Meeting Procedures was approved, to add a sentence: 
“There will be no video, audio, streaming or other technical recordings of Board meetings without the Board of Education authorization."

Quarterly Report ending September 30, 2023

The report summarizing district departments’ activities ending September 30, 2023, ​has been reviewed and published on the website. You can read the report here. 

Office of the BC Human Rights Commissioner Letter

The Board and Staff discussed the recent request of the BC Human Rights Commissioner sent to the BCSTA FV Branch regarding School Liaison Officers. The relationship of the Mission School District with the Mission RCMP School Liaison has been positive, and there is no need for change.

​Board Meeting Highlights | October 17, 2023

​​The Board of Education would like to express thanks to Dewdney Elementary for hosting the meeting, and to MSS Culinary staff & student crew for providing a delicious meal. ​

Rotary Starfish Backpack Program

The Board received a pr-esentation highlighting a program ran entirely by volunteers.  The Rotary Club of Mission Sunrise partnered with Mission Community Services and Save-on-Foods to provide backpacks filled with food every weekend for 110 families in 14 Mission schools. The Starfish Backpack Program has no barriers and the identity of the children is only known to the schools. Hungry children cannot learn. Fundraising is ongoing throughout the year. As the District is working on hiring a manager for the Feeding Futures funds, the Starfish Program will be considered looking at while allocating the resources. 

Student Services Department Update

The Director of Student Services presented an overview of the department's work and introduced some staff members. The number of students accessing student services exceeds designations, and students with designations now exceed 1000. This year, the district hired 210 Education Assistants -EAs (33 more then last year). 
ICY = Integrated Child and Youth Team has been established to work with students with moderate to mild Mental Health Concerns.
The Accessibility Plan for the District has been completed, and is available for viewing here

Portable for 2024 School Year

The Board of Education approved ordering a new portable classroom for use beginning in the 2024/2025 school year, with a budget estimate including installation of $220,000 to be funded from surplus funds. 

School Growth Plans for 2023-2024

The Board has reviewed School Growth Plans submitted by the Principals. A couple of them are yet to be submitted, following major last minute edits. The Superintendent will review and the Principals will be self-reflecting. 

Trustee Committee/Liaison Appointments 2023-2024

The Board reviewed and approved the 2023-2024 Trustee Committee/Liaison Appointments.

Information Items:

Notice of Motion to Amend Policy 1.4 Board Meeting Procedures​ was submitted by Trustee Cairns – Motion will be presented in November. 

BCSTA Letter to David Eby was shared. Premier Eby is open to supporting the Boards in regards to the recent protests and disruptions to various board of education meetings in communities across BC. ​


Special Public Meeting Highlights | S​​eptember 26, 2023​​

​​​2023/2024 Capital Bylaw Amendment

The Ministry notified the district that we will receive additional funding.  It is noted that MSS would move the kitchen equipment purchased with this funding when the school is replaced. ​The required 3 readings of the Bylaw amendment took place and the Amended Capital Bylaw No. 2023/24-CPSD75-03, a bylaw for the Amended 2023/2024 Capital Plan, was approved.
Link to document can be found here. ​

2022-2023 FESL Report

The 2022-2023 Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL) Report was accepted for review, to be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Childcare before October 3, 2023. 

2022-2023 Annual Report

The 2022-2023 Annual Report was reviewed and approved for release before September 30, 2023. 

Board Meeting Highlights | Septe​mber 19, 2023

The Board of Education and Senior Staff meet in the evening once a month for the Public School Board meeting. This year, the Mission Secondary School Culinary Staff and Students chose to prepare meals for the Board, allowing students the opportunity to showcase their culinary talents. Preparing these meals fosters creativity, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.
We are very grateful to the students and staff at MSS for being so accommodating and thank them very much.
Election of the ​​Board Chair 

Trustee SHELLEY CARTER was declared to the office of Chair for the Board of School Trustees for School District No. 75 (Mission).​​

Election of the Board Vice-Chair

​Trustee LINDA HAMEL was declared to the office of Vice-Chair for the Board of School Trustees for School District No. 75 (Mission).

​​​Board Meeting Dates and Locations

The Board of Education changed the date of the planned April Public Board Meeting from April 23, 2024, to
April 16, 2024 and confirmed the locations of the Board meetings​ as follows:
  • September 19, 2023 - Heritage Park Middle School
  • September 26, 2023 (Special Public Meeting) - Heritage Park Middle School
  • October 17, 2023 - Dewdney Elementary School
  • November 19, 2023 - Hatzic Middle School
  • December 19, 2023 - Mission Central Elementary School
  • January 23, 2024 - Riverside College
  • February 20, 2024 - Cherry Hill Elementary School
  • March 12, 2024 - Silverdale Elementary School
  • April 16, 2024 - Fraserview Learning Centre
  • ​May 21, 2024 - Mission Senior Secondary School
  • June 18, 2024 -​​ Christine Morrison Elementary School​

Preliminary School Opening Report

The Superintendent provided that  MPSD enrolment is up 171 students, compared to the 127 originally budgeted for, creating pressures on some schools, as the district is nearing 7000 students overall. Two Integrated Child and Youth clinical counsellors and one support worker have been hired. 

Summer Learning Report

The Superintendent shared that over 170 students enrolled in 30 various Math and Humanities courses. 89% of students successfully completed Summer school, compared to 69% last year. 

2023 Financial Statements

The Board of Education has accepted the audited School District No. 75 (Mission), June 30, 2023, Financial Statements.

2024 Multi-Year Financial Plan

The 2023-2024 Multi-year Financial Plan for the years 2023-2024, 2024-2025, and 2025-2026 was approved. 

Minor Capital Program 2024/2025 Requests

The 2024/2025 Minor Capital Project Funding request report was approved to be submitted to the Ministry of Education for consideration of funding in 2024-2025:
​$ 857,920
​$ 195,000
​SEP Projects
​$ 775,000
​CNCP Projects
​$ 815,000
​ $2,642,920

​Annual Executive Compensation Disclosure

The Public Sector Executive Compensation Report dated September 19, 2023, was approved to be submitted to the BC Public School Employers’ Association, along with an Attestation Letter signed by the Board Chair. 

2023-2024 Borrowing Resolution

The Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer have been authorized to borrow on behalf of Mission Public School District (School District #75) from the Scotia Bank for the 2023-24 operating year, up to:
$1,500,000 in an Operating Line of Credit
$750,000 in a revolving term / Scotia leasing.

*This resolution is an annual requirement, and the district has not needed to draw on this funding since the current Senior Staff started with SD75.

Pilot Project ADST Kits for upper elementary

The Board of Education had decided to consider the Trades Training Advisory Committee’s recommendation for the school district to pilot Applied Design Skills and Technology (ADST) kits in Intermediate grades in up to three elementary schools.

Riverside College: EA and Plumbing Program update

A small technical change has taken place, the Community Support Worker (CSW) part of the program has been removed from the Education Assistant (EA) program. 
The Plumbing course got the SkilledTradesBC designation. This is a first-year apprentice-level course and also contributes to Grade 12 graduation. 

Community Wellness Strategy

Mission Public Schools will support the Mission Community Wellness Strategy​ developed by the City of Mission in consultation with many community organizations.

​FSA Letter was sent to Grade 4 and Grade 7 Parents

You can read the letter here.  Fist Nations Education Steering Committee's Letter (2021)

Land acknowledgment was updated

All district communication/email signatures should now be using the updated version of the acknowledgement, as new plaques displayed at school entrances declare we embrace our commitments to strengthening partnerships and relationships with all First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities.​

Il stl’i kw’els spipetstexw kw’eset ite xwelmexwelh stexwlaq temexws ye Stó:lō mestiyexw. 

Mission Public School District is located on the Traditional, Ancestral, Unsurrendered, and Shared territories of Stó:lō people, of Leq'á:mel, Semá:th, Máthxwi, Sq'éwlets and Qwó:ltl'el First Nations, stewards of this land since time immemorial. Halq'eméylem is the language of this land and of Stó:lō ancestors. 

The place from where Halq’eméylem (Upriver dialect) originates is Leq’á:mel. The language comes from the land, and it has been this way since time immemorial. 

Le Conseil scolaire de Mission est situé sur les terres traditionnelles, ancestrales, non cédées et partagées du peuple Stó:lō, des Premières nations, Leq'á:mel, Sema:th, Matheqwí, Sq'éwlets et Qwó:ltl'el, peuples de cette terre depuis des temps immémoriaux.

Supervising for Safety 

All Trustees have completed the WorkSafe Training Course.