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​​​​​If you want to e-mail a ​School District staff member, please click on the name listed below.​​


Angus Wilson, Superintendent of Schools
Corien Becker, Secretary-Treasurer
Derek Welsh, Director of Finance
Katie Vinoly, Manager of Finance
Karen Alvarez, Assistant Superintendent
Carolynn Schmor, Director of Instruction, Student Services
​​Beth-Anne Cullen, District Principal of Curriculum and Student Services
​​Tina Phelps, Director of Instruction, Human Resources
Lisa Keats, Manager of Human Resources
Kirsten Yaffe​, Manager of Health, Safety & Wellness
Jodi Marshall, Manager of Transportation
Dana MacLean, Director of Operations
Michelle Stafford​, Manager of Facilities
Vivian Searwar, District Principal of Indigenous Education
Karen Gréaux, District Principal of Early Learning & Childcare
Terri Szlovicsak​, Manager of International Education
​​Aleksandra Crescenzo, Comm. Coordinator & Exec. Assistant, Office of Superintendent & Assistant Superintendent
Ilona Schmidt, Executive Assistant, Secretary-Treasurer and the Board of Education