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Inclement Weather Procedures


Severe Weather and Unscheduled School Closures

Decisions about school schedules and bus route changes are almost always made in the early morning before school. This allows for the most current weather information to factor into the decision. This information is communicated immediately, generally before 6:15 AM. For more information about the district's procedure on unscheduled school closures, see Administrative Procedure #317 Temporary School and Classroom Closure.

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Updated information and changes will be posted on the homepage of the School District website. In addition, notifications will be pushed to any schools affected by a closure or bus cancellation. Please click the Refresh icon on your web browser to ensure that you are reading the most recent updated information. Also tune your Radio to:

We understand these decisions have an impact on our families and appreciate your patience during these severe weather situations. While we know that our students and families are best served when we are open, our top concern is the safety of our students and staff.

Staff do their utmost to maintain the conditions of our parking lots and walkways during inclement weather, however, please use caution as these areas may be slippery.

The final decision to send students to school resides with parents since they know the road and weather conditions in their respective areas. Parents/guardians should be reminded to dress their children warmly during inclement weather conditions as schools are sometimes cooler than normal.

​​November 15, 2021
​Flooding, Road Closures, Extreme Rainfall and wind, Staff Shortages
​All MPSD Schools are CLOSED
​​November 16, 2021

​Road Closures & Restrictions, Staff shortages and Bussing delays
​All MPSD Schools are CLOSED
​​November 17, 2021
Please expect some bus delays and re-routing.​All MPSD Schools are open.
November 24, 2021

Due to closure of HWY7 to non-essential travel.
Dewdney and Deroche Elementary will be closed. ​​
​​November 25, 2021
Please expect some delays along HWY7​All MPSD Schools are open.​
​​November 29, 2021

​Please expect delays and be aware that Bus #3 will not travel Farms Rd from Stave Lake to Sward on Monday, Nov 29th.

All MPSD Schools Are open​

Any questions should be directed to the Board of Education Office at 604-826-6286.

Angus Wilson
Superintendent of Schools
School District #75 (Mission)