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Policy Manual - Section 2

​​​​​Policies that are "approved in principle" have been approved by the Board but the policy is still undergoing review by the educational community and the Committee of the Whole. Policies that are listed as "to be updated" will undergo changes during the school year. Policies that are listed as "under review" are currently being reviewed.

District Administration

​2.0    β€‹Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion​
​2.1    Role of the Superintendent (to be updated)
​2.2    TBD
​2.3    Sexual Minority - Sexual Orientation - Gender Identity - Anti-Homophobic​ (under review)
​2.4    Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
         Request to Access Information - Form
​2.5    Health and Safety Policy​​
​2.6    Public Interest Disclosure
​2.7    Environmental Sustainability (to be updated)
​2.8    Use of Technology (new policy - in development)
​2.9    Digital Citizenship (new policy - in development)
​2.10  Substance or Drug / Alcohol Use / Abuse - Cannabis (under review - add medical cannabis use)
​2.11  School Reconfiguration, Consolidation or Closure (to be updated)
​2.12  Communications and Public Participation​​ 
​​2.15  Child Care Programs with Guidelines​​