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Feeding Futures

What is the Feeding Futures school food program?

​The Ministry has allocated $71.5 million per year​ in dedicated, multi-year funding to school districts to increase food security for students by expanding or creating school food programs. This new funding is part of government’s broader Feeding Futures School Food Programs Framework, which is a commitment to ensure students are properly fed for learning in order to enhance positive academic and healthy outcomes. Feeding Futures School Food Programs (FFSFP) funding addresses the top two barriers identified by schools in the province, which are sustainable and consistent food funding and human resources. This first year of funding is flexible to provide districts with time to develop a longer-term approach to delivering school food programs.

What is the purpose of the new school food program ?

The Feeding Futures program will address the immediate need of feeding students and builds on the progress made with the Student and Family Affordability Fund to help reduce the challenges of rising food costs for families who need it most. This funding is expected to reach 20% of the students who are facing food insecurity across the province.​​

​Article: Mission City Record, February 16, 2024​
Feeding Futures Advisory Committee had their first meeting on January 26, 2024. The Committee comprises of community volunteers, acting in an advisory capacity and a collaborative manner for the promotion of nutritional food access and food literacy programs in the schools within the District. The 20+ members were appointed by the Manager of Feeding Futures.
The committee's goals: 
- ​Holding at least one meeting every two months
- Having Indigenous representation
- Reflecting the diversity of BC
- Including at least one student from Mission Schools
- Having at least two people with knowledge of community organizations of foods 
- Committee members serve without remuneration
- Committee members include members from inside or outside Mission Public Schools (clear CRC) 


Crunch to celebrate healthy school food!

This year, throughout the month of March, many thousands will gather in person in their schools, at home, at work and online with friends and colleagues to highlight the importance of healthy food at school and call for a Healthy School Food Program for Canada.


We invite you to host or join your own crunch to support the Coalition for Healthy School Food and students from coast to coast to coast via a Virtual Great Big Crunch.

Provincial Commitments

Find Mission Public Schools on the long list of Endorsers

​Check out our Feeding Futures Resources and a growing collection of Recipes

The Board of Education and staff held our Crunch today, on March 7, 2024, at 10AM


Coalition for Healthy School Food, April 10, 2024: What a week it has been since the government's historic announcement that they'll invest $1 billion over five years to develop a national school food program, with funding starting to flow during the 2024-25 school year (see the government's written announcement and news conference). We've had a lot of media coverage since then - see our Media Release, CBC TV interview, André Picard's Globe, and article in The Conversation.

Thanks to those of you who have written to express your excitement that our movement has finally succeeded in an initiative that many thought would never happen. We know that $200 million is not enough for a universal school food program for all Canadian children, and we will need to continue to advocate for increased federal funding. We also know that implementation will not be easy, and that our movement and Coalition will have to work hard to ensure that the provinces and territories continue to increase their own investments and sign federal agreements quickly. But we’re pleased with this investment as a strong next step towards our vision.​

​For more information about Feeding Futures Program in Mission Public Schools, contact

Stefany Tunshell
Manager of Feeding Futures

33860 Dlugosh Avenue
Mission, BC  V2V 6B2 

T: 604-854-0263