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Mission Public Schools
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Board of Education

 About the Board

​The Board of Education of Mission Public Schools is comprised of five School Trustees. As locally-elected representatives, Trustees are accountable to the Public for the collective decisions of the Board, and for the delivery and quality of educational services. Members of the Public are welcome to contact any Trustee as the Board represents the School District as a whole. 

Board Members

Trustee Committee and Liaison Appointments





Aboriginal Education Advisory Coucil

1st: Randy Cairns
Alternate: Tracy Loffler

District Principal, Aboriginal Education

BC School Trustees' Association

1st: Shelley Carter
Alternate: Tracy Loffler

Superintendent / Secretary Treasurer

​BC School Trustees' Association Provincial Council
1st: Shelley Carter
Alternate: Rick McKamey
Superintendent / Secretary Treasurer

BCPSEA Representative Council

1st: Rick McKamey
Alternate: Shelley Carter

Secretary Treasurer

Committee of the Whole

Chair: Tracy Loffler
Vice-Chair: Julia Renkema

All Senior Staff

Mission Literacy in Motion

1st: Julia Renkema
Alternate: Randy Cairns

Assistant Superintendent / Principal

Univeristy of the Fraser Valley Community Council

1st: Julia Renkema
Alternate: Rick McKamey

Superintendent / Assistant Superintendent / Director of Instruction

​Mission Community Foundation
1st: Tracy Loffler
Alternate: Rick McKamey