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Facilities Rentals
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mission Public Schools offers the use of school facilities for organized programs and services. The use of school facilities for any activities other than official school district curricular or extra-curricular activities must be arranged through a rental agreement with a Community / After School Use of School Facilities. Application for rental of school facilities​​ must be completed and submitted to the City of Mi​ssion​​ Parks and Recreation Department. 
There is a requirement when reserving space of liability insurance listing the City of Mission and Board of Education of School District No.75 (Mission) as 'additional insured' for at least $3,000,000. Link for insurance (can also use to get a quote):

If you have an issue with saving and submitting the above PDF form, you can start the process via the direct Request for Scho​​ol Facilities form.


The School District may make its facilities available for filming only with the understanding that school programs (either during the day or night) will not be disrupted. School district buildings and facilities can be viewed here. 

Please contact the Executive Assistant for further details. 
To submit a filming application request please complete and return the Film Application Request form, Alternatively, please fill out this Online FORM.
​School district Buildings' Images may be viewed on the School Buildings site​.