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Section 6 - Finance


​6.1.1         School Funds - Trust Accounts​
​6.2.1        Travel Expenses Procedure
                 Out-of-District Travel and Expense Report​​​
                 Out-of-District Travel Request Application Form​
                 EXCEL Mileage​ Record Form​​​
​6.3.1        Purchasing​ Procedure​       
                 Gift Card Request Form  (Fillable)
                 Purchase Card Application Form  (Fillable)
                 Sole Source Request Form  (Fillable)​​
​6.4.1        Employee Business Auto Insurance Reimbursement
                 Employee Business Auto Insurance Reimbursement Form ​       
​6.5.1        Disposal of Assets
​6.6.1        School District Charitable Organization BEST Foundation
                 Charitable Donation Form
                 The Board of Education is registered with Revenue Canada as a charitable organization, and the Board supports the use of the district's                           charitable status to actively solicit donations to support local school and district programs, services and activities.​​
​6.7.1        International Student Registration Fees​