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Section 7 - Operations


7.1.1    Video Surveillance
​7.2.1    Community and After-School Use of Schools
​7.2.1a  Facility Use Fee Schedule 2023-2024 ** effective September 1, 2023​-August 31, 2024
             Facility Use Fee Schedule 2024-2025​ ** effective September 1, 2024-August 31, 2025
​7.2.1b  User Group Categories
             City of Mission School District Rental Request Form​
             Request for Scho​​ol Facilities online form (will be sent to City of Mission and SD75 Facilities)
​7.3.1     Naming and Renaming of Schools
              Facility Name Nomination Form​
​7.4.1    Loan of Sc​hool District Equipment - Rescinded
​7.5.1    New Construction and Major Renovations
​7.6.1    Vandalism to Motor Vehicles
             Vandalism to Motor Vehicle Reporting Form
             Vandalism to Motor Vehicle Reporting Fillable Form​​
​7.7.1     TBD​
​7.8.1    Energy, Greenhouse Gas and Waste Reduction
​7.8.2    Waste Management Strategy
​7.8.3    Personal Appliances​
7.9.1    Grounds and Irrigation