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Schools of Choice

Hillside Traditional Academy

Hillside Traditional Academy is a school of choice.  In making the choice to join the Traditional Academy, we expect that students, parents and staff members be prepared to support the school philosophy and structures in a positive manner.  Each traditional school is unique and particular to its community, however, there are commonalities defined by their greater emphasis on the following:  traditional values, educational structure and parent involvement.

As a school staff, we are dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment for your child.  Hillside Traditional Academy will:

  • Encourage and expect all students to achieve their fullest potential in a structured environment where skills and concepts are presented in a consistent and sequential manner

  • Expect students will strive for individual excellence and maximize their individual achievement as high standards and expectations are reinforced both at home and at school

  • Expect a very high standard of cooperative and responsible behaviour from all students ensuring a safe, respectful school environment


Edwin S. Richards Arts Based Curriculum School

Edwin S. Richards Elementary School​ is a designated Arts Based Curriculum school of choice (September 2013). Its vision is to move its students to a place where creativity, collaboration, leadership, and thinking skills go hand in hand to provide active, positive, and effective learning experiences. Classroom teachers, while not having fine arts degrees, are actively pursuing innovative ways in which students can demonstrate their understanding with and through the arts. Professional discussions, staff collaboration, as well as partnerships with artists in residence and parents have provided the keys necessary to unlocking the door for the school’s continuing arts journey. While the process of using the fine arts to provide rich learning experiences for its students is paramount, the school celebrates  with its community each spring through a presentation of its arts learning.    

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