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Orange Shirt Day March for Reconciliation 2019


 St. Mary’s Residential School (Fraser River Heritage Park)

Start Time

9/30/2019 12:30 PM

End Time

9/30/2019 2:00 PM


12:35pm – All participants (Admin, teachers, ALW’s, parents) confirmed at the park - congregate on the field “en masse”, about 150m north of the covered area, on the hill. Please arrange your students in an organized fashion in between the orange cones. • ALW’s will collect wolf cards (placed in baskets) while waiting for the procession to begin. • Teachers will collect giveaways for attending students; ALW’s and MSS student helpers will help to distribute them to teachers. • Johnny Williams and Lekeyten will be at front of the group/flags and paddles held by students from MSS. • 12:40pm - Students and staff will begin to march down to covered area to meet in front of Elders (seated). Drumming by Johnny and Lekeyten. Baskets containing the buffalo cards to be placed on the ground in front of the Elders. • 12:45pm – Johnny to address the crowd; announces that we are all witnesses to this event. Introduces speakers (Elders Cheryl Gabriel and Lekeyten, from Kwantlen First Nation) • 12:55pm – Speakers will address the group. • 1:35pm – Vivian Searwar will address the crowd (asking them to share their experiences with their families and friends; thank everyone for participating; next steps for the buffalo cut-outs). • 1:40pm - Group Photo • 1:40pm – Busses arrive. • 1:40pm – Lekeyten will play an honour song. Dewdney & Deroche to head back to bus. • 1:45pm - Conclusion of proceedings. Students either march or are bussed back to their schools having been witness to an impactful act of Reconciliation in Mission.



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