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Boundary Catchment Review

​​​​​​Staff are proceeding with the analysis of the Durieu area and Steelhead area enrolment options. The following summarizes the tentative timeline for action.

In 2019 and 2020, the school district reviewed the catchment boundaries for elementary schools. The review identified a few challenges with excessive enrolment at Hatzic Elementary and the Albert McMahon Elementary. The school district conducted a preliminary survey of parents of these schools, and targeted surveys of parents in the Durieu and Steelhead areas. Targeted public engagement will be conducted before a decision regarding realignment of catchment boundaries is made.

Earlier this year, staff began the process of analyzing enrolment data for Durieu and Steelhead, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the project was delayed. Staff updated the enrolment projections for the elementary schools in November and recommend a comprehensive consultation with parents to consider a boundary realignment. We have exceeded our enrolment projections from 5 years ago, and are currently getting even more students. Staff are working on the premise that any boundary realignments recommendations would be for September 2022.


Staff continue to work on the boundary review for the potential realignment of elementary school catchment boundaries. The options are to continue to review and plan for boundary changes, or to delay the boundary reviews and potential changes to a future year. 

On November 30, 2021, at the Committee of the Whole meeting, Staff recommended realigning the school catchment boundaries to move the Steelhead area from the Albert McMahon Elementary School catchment to the Stave Falls Elementary School catchment, and to move the Durieu area from the Hatzic Elementary School catchment to the Dewdney Elementary School catchment.  

The Board approved these recommendations in principle on December 14, 2021, and initiated additional consultation and engagement with the Durieu / Dewdney, and Stave Falls / Steelhead  school communities regarding the school catchment boundary change.  

Further Information regarding the boundary review and proposed changes can be found on the  portal, in the Boundary Review project​.  

Dewdney with Durieu
Stave Falls with Steelhead

Transportation department is determining availability of busing and the final lines may still be adjusted as feasible/needed.

Although the boundaries have not yet officially changed, to assist with capacity issues, parents of incoming Kindergarten students that live in the area of Durieu/Dewdney are being asked to register at Dewdney instead of Hatzic Elementary.

Parents of incoming Kindergarten students that live in the current areas of Albert McMahon (Steelhead/Stave Falls) are being asked to register at Stave Falls Elementary. β€‹

Additional Special Committee of the Whole Meetings have been scheduled in January to consult with the school community regarding the catchment boundary changes: