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Siwal Si'wes Advisory Council

Siwal Si'wes Indigenous Advisory Council

Siwal Si'wes works collaboratively with all schools to ensure that Indigenous students are successful in Mission Public Schools. While promoting and respecting the traditional territory of the Stóːlō people, they help foster an awareness of and respect for all Indigenous peoples.

 The Siwal Si'wes Indigenous Advisory Council includes representatives from the community at large including:

  • Elected co-chairs
  • Parents and Caregivers of Indigenous students
  • Indigenous Elders & Knowledge Keepers
  • Members of Indigenous Communities
  • School Staff
  • School Board Trustees
  • District Principal of Indigenous Education

This council works in an advisory capacity with the School District, local Indigenous communities, and the Ministry of Education. 

The mandate of the Siwal Si'wes Indigenous Education Advisory Council is to: 

  • represents interests in the design, implementation and assessment of programs and services to improve the school experience, academic achievement and school success of Indigenous learners to better meet their needs. 
  • create an innovative and dynamic space for dialogue, discussions, learning and development of education of Indigenous students of SD75 
  • help inform and support increased success in all areas of education for Indigenous students of SD75, including social, emotional, physical and academic needs 
  • recommend and facilitate the implementation of new programs to provide better service to Indigenous students of SD75
  • contribute to Equity Scan discussions (and other initiatives by the Indigenous Department of the BC Ministry of Education)
  • provide strong communication and connection with Band Councils and other Indigenous groups served by the District. 

Siwal Si'wes Advisory Council Meeting Dates:      (All Meetings are from 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)

September 22/20 - Regular Meeting                                                      February 16/21 - Regular Meeting  

October 13/20 - Grant Selection  @ 9:00 a.m.                                       March 9/21 - Scholarship Selection  @ 9:00 a.m.    

November 10/20 - Regular Meeting                                                       April 13/21 - Regular Meeting

December 15/20 - Christmas Lunch                                                       May 11/21 - Regular Meeting         

 January 12/21 - Regular Meeting                                                           June 8/21 - Regular Meeting - Co-chair Election

 Siwal Si'wes Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 2020 - 2021

Advisory Council Minutes September 22, 2020.pdf

Advisory Council Minutes October 13, 2020.p

Advisory Council Minutes - January 12 2021 (1).pdf

Advisory Council Minutes - February 16, 2021.pdf

Siwal Si'wes Advisory Council Meeting Minutes 2019 - 2020

Advisory Minutes September 10 2019 Updated.pdf

Advisory Minutes November 12, 2019.pdf

Advisory Minutes February 11, 2020.pdf

Advisory Minutes May 12 2020 - Zoom Meeting.pdf

Advisory Minutes June 9, 2020 - Zoom Meeting.pdf