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Mission Public Schools
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District Parent Advisory Council

The MPSD DPAC is a representation of Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) from across the district.  We represent the concerns of parents of the Mission Public School District.  Mission DPAC is governed by the School Act [RSBC 1996] Chapter 412 Section 8.5 (1) in which DPAC "may advise the board on any matter relating to education in the school district."  General meetings are not just for PAC representatives but all parents of MPSD students are welcome. Visit  for more information or email 

‚ÄčPresident, Cheryl Blodin
‚ÄčVice-President, Kerridan Dougan
‚ÄčTreasurer, Dionne Hairsine
‚ÄčSecretary, Rachelle Paul
‚ÄčCommunications, Steph Wallbank
‚ÄčMembers at Large: Kristi Strell, Jessica Eckstein, Andrea Patton, Lori McComish, Veronica Ebbs-Canavan

2019-2020 DPAC Meetings 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

‚ÄčLOCATION (in the School Library unless stated otherwise)
September 16, 2019Board of Education Office
October 21, 2019 - AGMBoard of Education Office
November 18, 2019Hatzic Middle School
December 9, 2019Windebank Elementary
January 20, 2020Board of Education Office
February 10, 2020Christine Morrison Elementary
March 9, 2020Silverdale Elementary
April 6, 2020Deroche Elementary
May 11, 2020Board of Education Office