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Mission Public Schools
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Mission, Beliefs, Values & Goals


Mission Public Schools is dedicated to inspiring a passion for learning and developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable all students to maximize their potential as positive, responsible participants in our democratic society and the global community.


Public education is the key to enabling students to become leaders and socially responsible citizens.Student learning is the central focus of our collective efforts. Relational trust is essential to developing strong, vibrant and diverse communities of learners. Safe and caring schools provide a sense of belonging that is conducive to learning. Learning is an active, developmental and social process that is continuous, lifelong and unique to the individual. Curriculum should be relevant, engaging and provide alternate pathways to student success. Assessment should be comprehensive, multi-faceted and inform instruction. Developing parent and community partnerships is integral to student learning. The student, the family, the school staff and the community create the educational partnership and share responsibility for learning success. Success is contagious and should to be regularly celebrated.


The uniqueness of each child entrusted to our care. Relationships with students, parents, colleagues and the community based on trust, mutual interest and mutual respect. A diverse and inclusive community that supports the development of the whole child. An environment that supports healthy risk taking by students and staff. Opportunities for dialogue that enable transparent, collaborative decision making and problem solving. The dedication and professionalism of our employees. The involvement of parents in supporting learning. The contribution of our students and staff to the greater community.


Mission Public Schools is an adaptive, forward-thinking public school district dedicated to inspiring a passion for learning within all of our students. Our highly skilled employees are motivated by a deep and unwavering commitment to improving the life chances of every child. The achievement of our core purpose is driven by the desire to develop and maintain ethically-based, inclusive and collaborative processes for decision making and program implementation.

Our Graduate Profile is the vision for Mission Public Schools. The student who graduates from Mission Public Schools will be able to demonstrate the following characteristics:

Seeks Knowledge and Understanding

Initiates own learning. Reads critically. Has a foundation in core academic areas. Knows of and appreciates the arts and humanities. Uses effective learning techniques to acquire and apply knowledge. Applies numerical reasoning strategies to problems. Understands world issues and current events. Takes intellectual risks in learning. Exhibits enthusiasm for learning in life.

Thinks Critically and Solves Problems

Defines problems, hypothesizes, and becomes actively involved in creative problem solving. Organizes and processes information productively. Generates new ideas. Analyzes and adapts to changing environments. Makes decisions based on facts.

Communicates Effectively

Exchanges ideas and information clearly in writing, verbally and visually. Listens reflectively.

Uses Technology as a Tool

Selects appropriate tools and procedures to accomplish tasks and create products. Uses technology to access, analyze, organize, and process information. Consistently applies technical reasoning skills.

Interacts Effectively with Others

Develops and maintains positive relationships with others. Works successfully in teams. Leads by communicating ideas and motivating others. Works collaboratively with persons of different beliefs, interests and backgrounds to build consensus. Knows and appreciates cultural and linguistic diversity. Plans and acts as a system thinker.

Exhibits Strong Personal Qualities

Demonstrates initiative and perseverance. Identifies personal goals. Accepts responsibility for his/her own actions. Maintains wellness and balance in life. Recognizes and responds to societal needs. Values and participates in the democratic process. Has an interest in issues of social justice and equity.