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Meeting Highlights


Board Meeting Highlights | November 17, 2020

Board Meeting Procedures Policy

The Board approved a motion to amend the Board Meeting Procedures Policy. The intent of the amendment is to establish a process for breaking a tie vote for the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair positions. To view the amended policy, click here. See section 2 item 2.2.9 of the policy.

District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) – Trustee Liaison

The Board of Education supported the motion to assign Trustee Liaisons to the District Parent Advisory Council. At this time, this appointment has not taken place but will be included as an item on a future agenda.

School District Representatives to External Organizations Policy

The policy was updated by removing the University of Fraser Valley Community Council, as this council has not been active for a few years. The Board also added DPAC as an organization appointed with a Trustee representative and updated the name of the Aboriginal Education Advisory Council by replacing it with Indigenous Education Advisory Council. Click here to view the policy.

Quarterly Report - September 30, 2020

Staff have prepared a report to provide a summary of School District activities and operations. This is the first report of its kind. As staff continue with these reports, they will become lighter but will provide a good summary of each quarter. The goal is to include information on one or two of the strategic priorities with each report. Click here to view the report.

Assessing and Communicating Student Learning Policy

The policy was approved in principle and will be referred to partner groups at the next Committee of the Whole meeting for a more fulsome review. Click here to view the policy.

District Class Size Averages

The Superintendent provided information for Class Size averages for the School District based on October 1701 data. The information (below) is current as of 10/29/2020 but may change.

Grades 1-318.2
Grades 4-723.2
Grades 8-1219.1

Clarke Theatre Agreement

The Board approved the agreement for the District of Mission to undertake community programming for the Clarke Theatre beginning 2021. Under the new agreement, the School District will continue to use the Theatre for school activities and programs and the District will assume responsibility for community-based activities and programs.

Board Meeting Highlights | October 20, 2020

Executive Compensation Disclosure Report - REVISED

The Executive Compensation Disclosure report for 2019-2020 has been updated to include the salary for Mr. Jepsen. No other changes were made to the report. 

Anti-Racism Policy

The Board approved a resolution at last month's Public meeting that supports the creation of an anti-racism policy to supplement the Anit-Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy. The draft anti-racism policy was presented for the initial review by the Board and is being forwarded to the November Committee of the Whole.

COVID-19 Update

The Superintendent advised that on October 5, 2020, the School District experienced a COVID exposure at Hatzic Middle School. An overview was provided on the process for the event notification, further steps, and considerations for any future exposures. 

Trustee Appointments for Committees and Community Liaison Groups

In the past, the Liaison Appointments were appointed by the Board Chair and the revised list was presented as an information item. This year the item was presented as an action item. Policy 1.6 covers guidelines that representation is established by the Board. The Board decided that it makes sense to present this item as an action item and approved the resolution. Click here to view the 2020-21 appointments.

Joint Transportation Letters with First Nations Bands

Each year, Mission Public Schools and the local First Nations Bands engage in shared planning and decision making for a Joint Transportation Plan. In consultation with the First Nations Bands, it was determined that no additional funds are required for this year. As such, the Bands have agreed that no revisions are required for the services and funding for the 2020-21 school year.

Motion to Amend Policy 1.4 - Board Meeting Procedures

The Board discussed amending section 2 - Election of Chair and Vice-Chair to include guidelines for a prolonged vacancy or absence of a Trustee. The Board approved the motion in principle and referred it to staff to ensure the revisions comply with appropriate legislation. The revised policy will be included on the November Public agenda.


A reminder that a Special Committee of the Whole is scheduled for October 27, 2020 for Boundary Review. Also, a Trades & Training Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for October 29, 2020 at 4 pm. Click here to view the Board and Committee meeting schedule.

Board Meeting Highlights | September 22, 2020

Election of Board Chair and Vice-Chair

We are pleased to announce that Tracy Loffler has been re-elected as Board Chair and Shelley Carter has been elected as Vice-Chair. The School District would also like to thank our outgoing Vice-Chair, Randy Cairns for his time as Vice-Chair. Trustee Cairns remains a School Trustee of the Board of Education for Mission Public Schools along with Trustee McKamey and Trustee Renkema.

2019-2020 Audited Financial Statements

The Board of Education approved the Audited Financial Statements for 2019-2020. The findings of the audit will result in a letter expressing an opinion on the audit, from the Auditor and will be included in the financial statements. Comprehensive information on the financial statements will be published in the annual report in December.

Γ‰cole Mission Senior Secondary – Seismic and Replacement Project

The cost estimates for the Seismic Repairs or Building Replacement project for MSS have been submitted to the Ministry. The Seismic Upgrade is estimated to be between $61 million and $66 million. The estimated replacement cost is estimated to be around $87 Million. We don't expect any further information from the Ministry regarding the project until March or April 2021.  

Superintendent's School Opening Update

Approximately 10% of students are not attending regular school at this time. Overall enrolment is tentatively up slightly from projections, but the numbers are not stable yet. A number of schools are full, particularly with seats being held. The projected enrolment information for 2020-21 is still a rough estimate due to student movement between their home school, Summit, and transfers out to other Districts DL schools.

International Program Update

A typical year sees approximately 150 International Students in Mission, generating approximately $2M in revenue (gross). Currently, we have 52 international students with 25 more students arriving in January. 

Executive Compensation Disclosure Update

Boards of Education are required to complete the Public Sector Executive Compensation ("PSEC") Disclosure Report for fiscal 2019-2020, (year ending June 30, 2020). The disclosure requirements apply to chief executive officers and the next four highest-paid executives, where these positions are paid an annual base salary of $125,000 or more. View page 49 of the agenda for the full compensation report.

Ministry Funding Protection – Financial Risk

The Ministry of Education has referred to funding protection to protect school districts during the pandemic. The School District would need to lose 284 students from the 2019/2020 September enrolment count, or 303 students from the 2020/2021 budget (and the revenue for these students), before funding protection would be available. The School District is at risk of losing $2,287,617 of funding before funding protection is available.

District Restart Plan

The Board of Education passed a motion that endorses the Restart Plan and the Return to School Safety Guidelines for COVID-19 for Mission Public Schools.

Holding Seats during COVID-19

The Board discussed deferring any action on enrolment space allotment until February 2021. The SD will hold seats for students that are enrolled in the Distance Learning Program at Summit Learning Centre. Refer to page 61 of the agenda for the full requirements.

Borrowing Resolution

The resolution authorizes the Superintendent and Secretary to borrow funds (if required) on behalf of the school district. This is more a procedural process required by Scotia Bank.

Anti-Racism Policy

The School District has a Respectful Schools & Workplaces Policy, but the policy does not specifically address systemic racism. The purpose of this policy is to build a foundation of change that is free of racism.

BCSTA/ FNESC Conflicting Conference Dates

The motion was originally approved at the Public Board meeting on October 15, 2019 and was forwarded to the British Columbia School Trustees Association to be debated at the AGM. Due to COVID, the AGM was cancelled, and the motion was not addressed. The motion will be re-submitted to the BCSTA AGM.

Strategic Plan Review

The Board requested that Staff report on the Strategic Plan throughout the year based on the timing for when data/ information becomes available. 

Public Interest Disclosure Act

The Province is trying to determine whether Public School Districts would be able to comply with the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) legislation before December 31, 2021. 

The School District has a whistleblower protection policy 2.6, which is scheduled to be updated. As such, the School District should be able to comply with the legislation, if the act is extended to be applicable to school districts. Staff will conduct a review of whistleblower policy and bring forward some recommendations to a future Committee of the Whole meeting.

Special Committee of the Whole

A Special Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, 2020 to discuss Boundary Review. For more information about Board and Committee meetings, please contact the School Board Office directly or visit