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Intensive Core French Program

Intensive Core French is a second language teaching approach in which French is taught intensively for most of the day during five months of the Grade 6 year. The students in the program receive about 80% of their instruction in French during the first half of the year and 20% during the second half; the rest of the curriculum (except for Mathematics) is “compressed” into the second half of the year.   

In Today’s World Bilingualism is an Asset

  • Registration is on-going for entry in Grade Six.
  • Intensive Core French is part of the Public School system.
  • Parents do not need French language knowledge or background.
  • There is no cost to participate.
  • There are many opportunities to enjoy! Travel, public speaking, French entertainers, and much more.
  • Enrich your child with French as a second language.
  • Increases abilities to learn further languages.

To learn more about this exciting program Download the Program Document ( in pdf format) or contact Ghislain Michaud, French Coordinator for Mission Public Schools.

Further information about French as a Second language can be found on the Canadian Parents for French website.