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Changing Results for Young Readers: Seeding Success

Changing Results for Young Readers is a province wide Ministry of Education initiative to support early readers in Kindergarten through Grade Three. Teams of educators in each district will focus on Literacy and Inquiry-based change. The teams will consider early reading practices already being used and work to build a repertoire of skills, strategies and techniques to support reading instruction in the early years. They will also look at the connections between social-emotional learning and self-regulation in the development of literacy skills.

Even though this is a large scale initiative encompassing teams in sixty districts, the goal for each team is to focus on several students in each district so that the individual learning stories can be well documented. The idea is that each student participating in the study will receive a carefully planned reading support program that will enhance their reading skills. The strategies and resources in place for that child could well benefit many other students in the classroom.

Twenty five early reading facilitators have been assigned to different districts to work with designated early reading advocates and twelve teachers in each district who will determine what is needed in terms of resources and supports for their young students.

Within our district teams of teachers at both École Christine Morrison and Edwin S. Richards Elementary are taking part in this project.

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